LA Yoetzet Halacha Initiative begins with Yoetzet Halacha Shoshana Samuels who visits over 7 times in the first 2 years


LA Yoetzet Halacha Initiative expands with Yoetzet in Residence Ilana Gadish


Call volumes Increase by 10x for LA Yoetzet to over 100 calls a month


Yoetzet Dr. Jordana Topp becomes LA Community Yoetzet

10 Years of the Los Angeles Yoetzet Halacha Initiative

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Questions answered by Los Angeles Yoatzot
Yoetzet Learning Programs since 2011
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of survey respondents said without a Yoetzet Halacha in our community, they would have asked a friend or not asked their question at all
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Over the past decade, the Los Angeles Yoetzet Initiative has become an integrally important part of our community. Today, Yoetzet Halacha Dr. Jordana Topp, like her predecessors, guides women through the intricacies of Taharat haMishpacha with sensitivity and privacy, and supports local women experiencing infertility, pregnancy loss, illness, and menopause. In addition to this very important individual contact, our Yoetzet program also offers wide-ranging educational programming. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Los Angeles Yoetzet Halacha Initiative, we ask that you partner with us in our mission to provide women from throughout our community access to this vital service: a woman able to answer questions and offer warm counsel in this sensitive area of halacha.

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Dr. Jordana Topp
is the Los Angeles Community Yoetzet Halacha. She is a mom, the Rebbetzin of Beth Jacob Congregation and a mobile dentist. Yoetzet Jordana studied at Michlalah and Nishmat seminaries in Jerusalem and is a graduate of Stern College, Rutgers Dental School, and Nishmat’s Yoetzet Halacha Program. She has been the Yoetzet Halacha of Beth Jacob since 2019 and is excited to be expanding her role to serve all of the women of Los Angeles. Yoetzet Jordana can be reached at:
(702) 900-3509

For programming or sponsorship questions, please email yoetzetLAevents@gmail.com